The Complete It's a Guitar Outlaw Christmas Chorale

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1. What Child is This? (traditional) Orville Johnson
2. What is Christmas to You? (Norm Bellas) Norm Bellas
3. Outlaw Christmas
(Irving Berlin/Outlaw Lyrics: Norm Bellas)
Outlaw Chorus
4. Christmas with My Sister's Kids (Carlson & Sander) Chris Carlson w/Outlaw Chorus
5. It's a Wonderful Life Means Christmas to Me (Carlson & Sander) Duffy Bishop w/Outlaw Chorus
6. O, Space Needle (traditional) Outlaw Chorus
7. It Wouldn't be Christmas Without You (Carl Sander) Carl Sander w/Outlaw Chorus
8. Christmas in the Drunk Tank (David Hiscock) David Hiscock w/Outlaw Chorus
9. Mama's Velvet Hat (Storme/Sapoznick) Neal Storme
10. Taffy Christmas Song (Charley McQuary) Carl Sander w/Outlaw Chorus
11. On the Road (Carlson & Sander) Duffy Bishop & Ron DiTomaso w/Outlaw Chorus
12. Three Guys Dreamin' on a Star (Carlson & Sander) Bruce Blood, Tony Leese & Ted Bellusci
13. No Place, No Room, No Shelter (Carlson & Sander) Duffy Bishop & Ron DiTomaso w/Outlaw Chorus
14. A Shepherd's Watch (Carlson & Sander) Outlaw Chorus
15. Fear Not (Carlson & Sander) Joanne Klein w/Duffy Bishop & Outlaw Chorus
16. Behold Them & Canticle (Carlson & Sander) Outlaw Chorus
17. Stranger in a Strange Land/I'll Meet You at the Zoo
(Leon Russell & Don Preston)/(Carlson & Sander)
Orville Johnson/Outlaw Chorus
The Complete It's A Guitar Outlaw Christmas Chorale in Two Acts: Act 1 - The Outlaws' Christmas (tracks 1-10) MP3 50.2MB
Act 2 - The Real Story (tracks 11-17) MP3 26.0MB

Liner Notes

Produced by: Chris Carlson & Carl Sander for Tavern Opera Productions

Tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 16 & 17:

Outlaw Band: Chris Carlson/guitar, Orville Johnson/resonator guitar, Bruce Laven/keys, Keith Lowe/Bass

Outlaw Chorus: Ted Bellusci, Dr. Biscotti, Bruce Blood, Gary Graves, Steve Groves, Dave Hiscock, Joanne Klein, Carl Sander, Neal Storme

Recorded live at the Eastlake Zoo, Seattle WA; additional tracking at RMC Recording, Seattle, WA.
Tracked, mixed and mastered by Bruce Blood.

Track 11:

Same as above except: Bruce Laven/bass

Tracks 5, 12, 13, 14 & 15:

Outlaw Band: Chris Carlson/guitar, Bruce Laven/keys, Keith Lowe/Bass, Don Pawlak/pedal steel guitar

Outlaw Chorus: Ted Bellusci, Bruce Blood, Chris Carlson, Ron DiTomaso, Dave Hiscock, Tony Lease, Carl Sander, Neal Storme, Tom Tilney

Recorded at the Blackwing Studios, Marysville, WA; tracked, mixed & mastered by Raven Humphres.
Additional recording by Gary Lanz, B Natural Productions.

Track 9:

From the Neal Storme CD "Apparitions." Produced by Neal Storme.
Writers: Storme/Sapoznick © Streetsongz 1994

Players: Neal Storme/vocals & guitars; Steve Haeck/piano & organ; Pamela Darby, Greg Blanke, Jakov Rueben, David Hiscock/background vocals

Engineered by Sean Lahay at Dibble Street Studio. Mastered by Mark Guenther.

Track 10:

Recorded live at the Triple Door, Seattle, WA